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March 1-3 2020, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

19.5 CEU


$500 Registration before Feb 10

$550 after Feb 10

Ego State Therapy (EST) has proven to be an extremely effective approach to treating complex PTSD and relational trauma. What makes EST unique as a parts model is its incorporation of hypnosis, EMDR, and somatic approaches to access parts that are not readily discoverable, as well as to form a working alliance with those parts in the process of integration and healing. We as clinicians may often feel baffled by behaviors and symptoms that seem to keep the client immobilized in fear sates and dissociation. EST emphasizes the balance the clinician needs within themselves so that the client develops trust in the therapist and the felt sense of being understood and safe. This, in turn, facilitates the discovery of parts that currently maintain symptoms and relational distance.  Some parts may be preverbal or somatic (pain, digestive disorders, skin rashes, etc) .Others may be quite verbal. The EST model provides a framework for understanding the formation, function, and maintenance of ego states as well as how to work with them in the relational space to alleviate symptoms and promote ideal functioning and empowerment.

Maggie Phillips, Ph.D. is a leading expert on Ego-State Therapy to heal dissociation and self-division often created by trauma. She is also an internationally recognized expert on the manifestation of trauma in pain and its treatment. She is the author of four books and numerous papers, chapters, and articles on trauma, dissociation, pain, ego-state therapy, hypnosis, and mind-body healing, She is a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and co-recipient of its Crasilneck award for the best writing in the field of hypnosis. Maggie is also a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, and co-recipient of its Cornelia Wilbur award for contributions to the treatment and study of dissociation. She is a sought after speaker for major conferences and has presented workshops on Pain, Ego-State Therapy, Somatic ExperiencingÒ, trauma, hypnosis, EMDR, behavioral medicine, and Energy Psychology all over the world.

Maggie has released two best-selling books on Ego-State Therapy. The first was written with Claire Frederick, M.D., Healing the Divided Self (1995) and published by Norton. The second is an e-book, Empowering the Self through Ego-State Therapy, available on Amazon.


This 3-day workshop is designed to present one of the most effective models for the treatment of complex PTSD and relational trauma—Ego-State Therapy. Although there are many “parts models,” Ego-State Therapy is unique in using hypnosis and other tools to reach unconscious, hidden, and evasive aspects of self that play a major role in post-traumatic symptoms including anxiety, pain, dissociation, depression, and atypical difficulties that are not responsive to usual treatment approaches. Participants will learn how unresolved inner struggles among “self states” can block progress in therapy and maintain persistent symptoms for extensive periods of time. 

Ego-State Therapy also provides ways of understanding and resolving some of the most difficult and complex problems that lead to disempowerment, shame, and problems of confused and “false self” identity. Participants will learn and practice hypnotic and non-hypnotic methods to connect with adaptive, introjected, and trauma-related states while building inner cooperation and collaboration within the larger ego state system. 

In addition, the workshop will include the following topics:

• Early clinical evidence for the divided self

• Principles and practices of Ego-State therapy

• The effects of trauma and hypnosis on memory

• Diagnoses related to ego-state therapy and the dissociative spectrum

• How ego states develop

• Functions, roles, and characteristics of ego states

• How to form effective therapeutic alliances with ego states

• How to identify and work with nonverbal, preverbal, symbolic, and  somatic states

• Strategies for symptom resolution and relief and to promote self-cohesion and empowerment

• The SARI model as a 4-stage treatment framework in Ego-State Therapy

• The “3 R Model: Resourcing, Re-Regulation, and Repair and Rewire” for creating corrective experiences

• Indications and contraindications for ego state work

• Preparing the patient for treatment

• Caveats when working with dissociative issues and disorders

The workshop format will emphasize live demonstrations and practice of ego-state methods. Opportunities will also be given for case consultation and discussion of clinical applications of Ego-State Therapy.

All workshop days will begin at 9:30 am and stop at 5:30 pm with 90 minutes for lunch and breaks in the mornings and afternoons. CE’s are available for a total of 19.5 CEUs for all 3 days. NOTE: The workshop must be completed in its entirety in order to receive CE’s.

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